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Filtron ProTM
The Only Commercial Cold Water Coffee Brewing System

Same great coffee concentrate flavor as the Filtron® System,
in a commercial/foodservice size.

Ideal for House Blends
and Signature
Coffee of the Day Specials.

  • Uses the same method as the Filtron® domestic unit to obtain the same great coffee concentrate flavor.
  • Ideal for House Blends and Signature Coffee of the Day specials.
  • The quick, easy way to make 10 to 20 qts. of coffee concentrate at one time.
  • Uses 5-10 pounds of ground coffee to produce 10-20 qts. of coffee concentrate per day.
  • Filtron PROTM is manufactured by Filtron®, the original cold water coffee brewing system, which has delighted coffee connoisseurs around the world for four generations.

Filtron Pro system includes:
Coffee Bowl & Lid, Stand, Grounds Guard,
Natural Wool Felt Filter Pad, 4 qt. Pitcher and 12 Paper Liners

  • Easy to use - non electrical, non mechanical. - Cuts labor by up to 90%
  • Brewing chamber is food quality, medium density polyethylene for impact resistance and a long service life
  • Drip-proof Tomlinson spigot is NSF listed, removable without tools and easily disassembles for cleaning
  • Rotationally molded stand securely holds and lifts the brewing chamber so a 4 qt. measuring pitcher can be easily inserted and removed. (polycarbonate 4 qt. measuring pitcher included.)
  • Natural wool felt filter pad is reusable and has an exclusive lift tab - Filters to as low as one micron.
    - When not in use, filter stores in a refrigerator or cooler (filter can be used dozens of times before replacing)
  • Easy to clean and sanitize. All plastic elements are dishwasher safe
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FP098 - Filtron Pro - $172.95 - Free Shipping
Filtron Pro Accessories and Replacement Parts
FREE SHIPPING on all accessories and replacement parts if purchased
at the time of purchase of a complete Filtron Pro Coffee System.
Otherwise shipping costs will be added for accessories and replacement parts.
Filtron Pro Paper Liners (50pk) - FP038 - $22.00
Filtron Pro Filter Pad - FP035 - $12.00
Filtron Pro Pre-Filter Bag - FP028 - $19.99
This bag is reusable and really helps when making 10 lbs of coffee in the Filtron Pro. Just rinse, store in the freezer and reuse. This item is now made with a thicker material and better stitching for longer life.
Filtron Pro 13" Grounds Guard - FP055 - $8.00
Filtron Pro 4 qt Decanter/Pitcher - FP003 - $18.00
Tomlinson Valve and Shank - FP600 - $27.00
Washer for Filtron Pro Spigot - 1903259 - $0.75

Phone - 770-789-7467

I no longer have accessories or
replacement parts available.

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is available for purchase.
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After 15 years as a Filtron distributor,
Filtron has decided to end
my status that allows me to offer free shipping.
As a result, February 27, 2011 was the last day
that I accepted orders for the
Filtron cold water coffee brewing systems.